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Hey!  I'm Kelley.  I love photography. I love emotion.  I love light. I want you to have all this for your family, your moments, on your wall, exactly what is in your heart.  Let me tell ya how I got here..

I'm a mom of two boys, three dogs and a wife. You can find me hustling around a ball field, Starbucks drive through, or cemented to my couch with my newest Netflix obsession.  I've always enjoyed photographing my family.  I started getting comments a few years back, about my photos like," wow could you do that for me?  oR Man this image really shows how you felt.  Oh can I get a copy of that?" Honestly, I didn't think I had it in me, to really be able to do this for others.

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But..I shot a few families for free, and they liked them,They were happy.  I also realized I had a lot to learn.  I buckled up.  I took a lot of courses, I made mistakes, I stayed up many late nights, completely committed to where I wanted to be.  I googled, shot, edited, re-edited for hours.  I bought myself the camera of dreams and several lenses, based on what I knew I wanted to capture, what I wanted to people to FEEL. I started capturing the light,  the emotion,  that I love, so here I am!

I still, constantly am learning, always looking for the newest editing and shooting techniques. New ways I can compose and capture even more emotion for my families, senior grads, and pretty much anything you want to remember in time. Most importantly, I want to give my clients something different.  Not the usual, '“smile! This is perfect!"  No, life isn't perfect.  We, as people aren't perfect.  We emote, we give light, let's capture it…

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