Tackling winter weather

I decided to write a quickie post regarding how to tackle photography and winter weather. It gets cold, yucky, windy, etc. Who wants to shoot in that? Miserable kids, messy hair, let’s face it. Winter can be tough on photogs and clients who still need pictures taken, and can’t wait till it gets nicer, or even just need or want pictures on a less than desirable day.

I live in New England, seacoast of NH actually. So we either have glorious dry Fall/Summer days or cold wet, and at times lots of snow. Thought I would post some of my favorite ideas how to get around and not let weather effect you.



Coffee shops


Indoor/outdoor Be creative! Take some inside a local farm and then maybe pop out for a rainy shot, or throw on hats and take a cute cold weather pic!

Below is great indoor/outdoor Seacoast New England location, Fort McClary Kittery Maine.

 Fort MCClary Kittery Maine

Fort MCClary Kittery Maine