What To Expect At Your Shoot

What will a typical family session be like?


My sessions are fun.  Yes. Sounds crazy right? Nope. We play, we run, we laugh (usually because of my poor attempts at humor) but still.. 

I start all sessions with some posed work.  Everyone wants one or two pretty as a Christmas card, or hey even for a Christmas card portrait.  That  helps us all relax a bit.  We know we have it nailed the part that needs to look perfect.  Then., we move on the real stuff.  


I may ask you to walk somewhere, sit down and talk to each other, run, play, cuddle.  Depending on the family, I will zoom in and get kids close up, and or pull them apart, if that works better.  Most importantly, our sessions will flow, I ask you to look at me or each other and not to, tell each a joke, even just tell me what you had for dinner.  Regardless of how silly it may seem at the time, there is a reason, it's all in the plan. .  In the end, you will have a unique collection of your family's experience that you can look back on and say.."ohhhh I remember when..."