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Holly Springs High school, NC Senior portraits Fall 2019

High school seniors of Holly Springs, NC! I am going to attempt to blog all my seniors this year one at a time. Let’s see how far I get, lol. Regardless, I just loved Molly’s shoot. The photo shoot took place at Historic Oakview Park in Raleigh, NC. This is GREAT spot and one my favorites thus far. The location has wild flowers, barn plantation feel, sprawling green fields, and gorgeous farm fences.

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Raleigh, NC Senior portrait outfits - direct amazon links!

Apex/Holly Springs NC, is where I hang my hat now. Senior portraits is an absolute fave of mine and I am excited to start my client base down here. I have a senior model shoot this Sunday which I will blog afterwards. It got me thinking I should post about some of my outfit ideas for these photos. Give some of my seniors coming up something check out. So here goes…

Still checking around the NC triangle for our photo location. Thinking of maybe sunflowers or a sunset lake background. Carolina sunsets never disappoint in the summer! My Model for Sunday is tall and blonde so foremost I am looking for colors and styles that will flatter her. For blondes I love jewel tones

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