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Seacoast NH family photographer - senior portrait outfit tips - Hampton, NH

Seacoast NH senior portraits, what should I wear?

We are here! Seniors are some of my favorite photography shoots, always. Why? This age group usually enjoys having their photo taken, is full of life and excitement, and well I just love portraits! One the biggest questions I get is, what to wear? Well living the Seacoast of NH, we know the weather is fickle. I do a lot of shoots at beach in Hampton, North Hampton, Portsmouth, NH as well as Southern Maine locations.

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NH Seacoast family photography - winter outdoor shoot - The Creek Farm (Portsmouth, NH)

Living in the Seacoast of NH, we have lots of beautiful historic sites. As a family photographer, I love walking around checking out new places to shoot or just explore! The Creek Farm in Portsmouth NH, is a great spot for a afternoon hike or even photo shoot.

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NH Seacoast Senior portraits -capturing authenticity (Hampton, NH)

Its no secret I LOVE shooting seniors. They are so fun. I love hearing their stories, seeing their clothes, feeling old. (Just kidding). I have two seniors reps working with me right now. One is Coe-brown in Northwood NH, and the other is at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton.

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